Caribbean stud light-three-card poker strategy

carribean-poker-tour-2In three-card, poker strategy, each player is dealt with three cards from a standard 52-card deck. No additional card will be given after the three initial cards have been dealt to every player. The dealer also receive three cards which face down. Three-card is really combination of two games, namely Pair Plus and Play /Ante.

In Pair Plus, players will make bet  on whether or not they will be having a pair or better. There is no particular strategy for this portion of the game. You have a chance to either make a bet or you do. not If you are dealt with a pair or better, then you are paid off according to the below table

–              For Straight Flush: 40 to 1 is paid

–              For three of a kind: 30 to 1 is paid

–              For straight: 6 to  1 is paid

–              For flush: 4 to 1 is paid

–              For pair: 1 to 1 is paid

carribean poker tour 1In the Play/Ante game, players battle the dealer directly as like that in Caribbean stud poker. In this there is no competition with other players at the table. After an initial ante is made, everyone including the dealer will receives three cards. After looking at your cards, you have the chance to choose whether to bet or fold. If you decide to make the bet then it has to be equal to your original ante. Have a look at Caribbean Poker Tour sponsored by William Hill poker to experience caribbean poker tour.

The dealer’s hand has to qualify to continue the play. If the dealer is holding at least a queen high, then only the play is continued. If the dealer’s hand does not qualify, then the play bets are returned and antes are paid off at even money. If the dealers hand does qualify, then each player have to compare his or her hand with the dealer’s hand. Losing hands will lose both the ante and the play bets, and winning hands get paid even money on both ante and play bets. If a player is having a straight flush, three of a kind or a straight, then he will get paid with an extra bonus regardless of what the dealer is showing. Take a look at the bonus table given below

–              For straight Flush: 5 to 1 is paid

–              For Three-of-a-kind: 4 to 1 is paid

–              For Straight: Even money is paid

Players have a chance to wager on the Pair Plus game, the Play/ Ante game or both. Players are free to bet varying amounts for either games.

Basic strategy to play

If you are dealt anything lesser than a Queen-6-4, then fold. This basic tactic will help you to lower the house edge to less than 2 percent. Mathematician named, Stanley Ko is credited with giving this simple and effective approach to Three –card

The Numbers in game

Depending on the play table, in Three-card poker the pair plus bet has a house edge of around 2 percent. In Three-card you will have a pair or better at least 25 percent of the time.

–              The play-ante bet has a house benefit of around three percent.

–              Unlike five-card poker rankings, three of a kind will beat a straight and a flush.

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