Daniel Negreanu’s Mounting Comeback at Pokerstar’s Showdown

Daniel Negreanu’s Mounting Comeback at Pokerstar’s Showdown

Viktor Blom dismantled his fellow team mate Daniel negreanu in 1439 hands showdown taking away his entire bankroll equivalent to $150,000 in cash value. Later Negreanu managed to make his comeback by organizing a re-match between the two pokerstars players. Even if the super star showdown imitates the game play of Durrr challenge still you need to understand the real differences between the two types of game play. When speaking of the super star showdown it certainly can be referred as high stake match that is played for single time where both the challengers manage to face Blom for around 2500 poker hands. When playing the durrr challenge it is obvious that they might have to try and play around 50,000 hands and so it is certain that this challenge might also continue for a number of months in the row. Some of the best players also enjoy playing the durrr challenge for a couple of years. The entire match is definitely played on the combination of four different online poker site tables.

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Each of the table has its limit of $50 or $100. For some of the players it is also obvious that the table limits might in fact be much higher starting from no-limit to pot limit that is very much common when playing the Omaha Hi-Lo. It certainly depends a lot on the preference of each player who is playing the challenge. So in case you want to be declared as the winner of the challenge then it is certain that you might have to show profit at the end of the game play. You can also be declared as the winner in case you manage to overcome the opponent player. So in case you are looking forward to participate in one of the super star matches then you might have to look well in advance for the match dates. So if you are a poker fan then it is certain that you might get to enjoy all the live action at poker stars. Blom and Daniel also decided the terms of the game play well in advance which was set to around no-limit Hold’em that would be played on four distinct tables.

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Initially Negreanu was behind by $120,000 and 1300 hands. Later on during the game play he also managed to make his comeback. He managed to play the entire session of the match and recollect all his defeat to close the match with $26,500 in cash value. In the initial 350 hands Blom collected around $28,000. After making the raise to $1000, Negreanu managed to call. After the flop he was asked to meet the raise by Negreanu for $3100, which also made him unfold his cards. With this move it was certain that Negreanu was leading but later on the tables turned when Blom managed to collect the pot amount for full house which was equivalent to around $27,700 in cash value. This was the time when negreanu managed to pre-flop against Blom loosing around $20,100 pot value.

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