Full Tilt Poker Future plans

Full Tilt Poker and Future plans for players

After the prolonged period of silence, Full Tilt poker has finally decided to launch a legal statement for its potential customers around the globe. In a recent review with poker news Full Tilt poker had made a statement for each of its player, who enjoyed playing their poker session.

Apart from this the moment you go through the online news you might have come across a number of rumors stating that the website shall also be sold to different foreign investors. This was done with an aim so the online poker room could in fact get back in business. This rumor also made some of the professional players around the globe feel that they might be able to enjoy their poker session back here at FTP. Apart from this a number of poker players are still waiting for getting their invested money back the moment FTP would be sold back to new investors.


This certainly did not manage to work out and a number of players from US are still waiting for their money. In recent press release made by FTP it is very clearly stated that FTP is presently looking around for investors from foreign land who could help them pay all their players with their money. You need to keep in mind that FTP certainly is not having any money left with them to repay their players back. Apart from this no legal statement till date has been made by FTO personals. Besides, FTP has also managed to apologize to players for not making any legal statement so far. After the strike of Black Friday it is certain that there are a number of poker sites in US that are considered as sinking ships. The poker sites like FTP are also not able to provide a concrete answers to queries of players. There are fewer chances that that these websites might in fact get back in business in near days.

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