Online Poker Scandal

Poker World Shocked By Scandal Online

Texas Poker was started in Robstown in Texas in early 1990s. It is the variation of the standard poker game. A 5 card draw poker played in 52 cards game. A special table is used for that purpose. There is also an option of playing for a jackpot bonus.

A 3 card poker is an American counterpart of British game Brag. This is one of the most popular poker games. People can play poker games either in online or offline.

But in 21st century the popularity of online poker games crosses the popularity of offline poker. But shocking news comes when some leading websites published the news that fraud online poker games were being discovered.

An owner of an online poker games sites was discovered to be commiting fraud by transferring money to his own account. This information reduced the active online gaming sites credibility due to players not knowing whether they were a victim of fraud or not. In total the owner of the fraudulant site made $428,520.

The news come publicly when a player name X (actual name cannot be published here) defeated by player Y (actual name cannot be published here) in a very big online poker tournament which has entry fees of $1000. He suspects that the game was not played fairly as some other pro player pressurized X to ask for hand history. He was astonished as he received an excel file which was full of hand history as well as information of spectator and their email and internet protocol address. Some poker player who was lawyer and auditor coupled each other to investigate the cheating. The found that some person was strictly watching each movement and the information were asked and the question which was answered. This incident took place in the year 2007.

A big question comes forward how this was happened? A single answer is that was happened as because of dishonest employees of the top US poker sites. Some software engineer was also involved in this racket to make fraud. The mastermind of that fraud tries every possibility to keep the total procedure secret. But they were unable to do that. This scandal decreases online poker game’s popularity. As people was cheated by the poker cheating racket so they was unable to believe on online poker gaming company.

Some more scandals are also there which does not come into light as because online gaming company makes some negotiations with the player. As the player was satisfied with the compensation so they do not go forward or do not publish this in front of media.

Most of the scandal took place in case of absolute poker. As Absolute Poker is the most interesting poker among all of the poker games. Not only that it is very much easy to learn and also very much easy to play. Anyone can play that.

Do not be scared about this poker scandal as there are some good believable sites out there with a good reputation. Another scandal also took place previously in the 2006 and in the year 2003 but these were less serious crimes compared to the most recent. Since then sites have reassured players of their security and that money going in is being used in the right places.

Both cases which involved fraud found the employee to be guilty and was sent prison and banned from having any involvement with the gambling online world in the future. Players who were caught up in the case were also given back the money which they lost.

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