Poker Strategy

Poker Strategy and The A to Z History of Poker

Poker In Chinese Civilization: Poker is a game that has believed to be evolved nearly ten centuries earlier by the combination of different types of game that involved strategies like ranking cards, bluffing and domino combinations. A number of pro-players believe that the game originally evolved in China in 969 AD. Emperor Mu-Tsung was believed to play and enjoy the game of Domino combinations along with his wife.

Evolution from Egyptian Culture: Apart from this the game also holds its records of existence in Egyptian culture in 16th century in the form of card and betting game. The Persians were also believed to play the game using 25 cards, betting rounds and ranking cards strategies. Later in the 17th century the game became very much popular in Germany and France and evolved as a three card betting game that involved strategies like bluffing, playing high stake bets and deceiving opponents. The game of Primero is also believed to be ‘Mother of Poker’ which was developed and gained popularity in 1526.

Widespread In Canada and Mississippi River: Later on the game was introduced in Canada in the form of Poker and was also considered as the national card game by the beginning of 18th century. By this time the game managed to spread across Mississippi River and to other parts of the Globe. Dated back in 1834 you can also find first written evidences of “Poker rules and strategies”, that included rules for bluffing in the game, and the game was mostly enjoyed as a Sail Boat game along the coasts of Mississippi River.

Three Card Game Poker : This game very soon emerged as a type of three card game that was very much common in a number of offline casinos and poker rooms. Initially the game was also considered as a challenging game and was played as a type of gambling game. The moment this game was very much popular amongst most Greek people, it managed to evolve in the form of modern game of Poker that involved all the miseries of gambling.

The Wild West Culture : With the arrival of Wild West culture in US, you certainly could find a number of Poker Saloons in different parts of the town. Just within two centuries the modern game of Poker had managed to gain too much of popularity. With the advent of casino rooms and internet there have been a number of variations and types of poker that are played in different parts of the world.

Modern Poker and its Variations: Modern poker has three most common versions that are enjoyed in poker rooms across the globe and online world.

  • 5-Card Draw – A variation of Poker game that emerged during the American Civil War. The variation of game was very much popular for almost whole century and was later also considered as one of the most preferred betting game. As the game involved a number of skills so soon it was declared as legal variation of poker. This game also became very much popular in a number of gambling casinos soon after they were legalized.
  • Seven Card Stud – This is another variation of Poker that is very much popular. The game also managed to dominate a number of casino and betting rooms in Vegas and others parts of the globe.
  • Texas Hold’em – A variation of Poker that is for rich and famous. The game started gaining popularity in 70s and also managed to organize a number of tournaments on global levels. Presently this is also one of the most played and enjoyed Poker variation online and offline. The game is enjoyed legally in different Poker rooms and casinos.

Apart from these, there are a number of other variations of this game which include Omaha, Manila, Stud Poker, Razz and Draw Poker. The game of poker in the present time is in fact getting very much popular. You can also find a complete wealth of poker information, rules and strategies online. There has been a rise in the Poker community online and today more number of people like playing this game over the internet.

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