Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We at Online poker sites ( respect the privacy of our customers. You can always ensure that any set of information that is provided to us by our customers is safe and secure. The website maintains and offers customers with strict confidentiality. So you can always ensure that any information that is provided to us by our customers is not shared, loaned, misused, reused, sold or disclosed to any third party. It is certain that all your private data and information is safe and well maintained with online poker websites with utmost care and shall not be made use of for any other purpose that you are not aware of.

Disclosure or resale of your personal information to other parties: does not try and rent, trade, sell, lease or loan any part of the information that is provided by our customers at our online website. This is also valid for your log in information, email ids and membership forms.

Information collected on the web browser on our website:

We at online poker sites ( completely monitor website logs with an aim to improve the web materials offered to our customers on our website. We can ensure that the logs provided to our website are not identifiable, and so you can ensure that we shall not try and link them with any of the customer who browses on our website.


We presently run an in house advertisement campaign program, which strictly follows the rules and regulations to maintain privacy policy.

  • Use of web Cookies:

Online poker sites ( makes use of web cookies on the website so we may easily track the visitor’s links that have been diverted from other online websites. Apart from this we also make use of this to track the traffic that is diverted to other websites from our website. We certainly do not make any attempt to try and link the visitors or links with each other to disclose their identity.

  • Pixel Usage: shares online website usage information about the customers who visit at our website with an aim to improve targeted web promotional campaign, for third party website. We do this with an aim to help the third party website track and upgrade the available customer database and to target visitors in the near future. We maintain a complete statistics of customers for the purpose of records. For this reason our advertisers and we keep a track of each of the web page that you have visited by making use of Pixel tags. You certainly can try and collect more set of information about this by clicking Here!

  • Alterations and Updates:

We at online poker sites certainly do hold complete rights to alter or change the terms and conditions of privacy policy any time when desired. It is advisable for you to regularly go through the terms and conditions and privacy policy stated at for latest updates.

Please send an email at for any queries.

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